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NGP physic 6.2.
+ all cars and tracks from CZ Plugin

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ID528: Kuadonvaara (no pacenotes)

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We are a great international group of drivers ,
please write your comments in tournament in english , so everyone can understand it.

8 Spain BENITEZ echedei ok. first part rallye too bad. finland stage and me, second part perfect for me, always top times.thanks for the rallye. this year not bad start. hope better luck
8 Germany BRUHY Frank ok , clean run -
8 Poland BUCZEK Lukas Thank you for the rally! My driving was very poor :/ But we are happy to be on the start and on the Finish :D
8 Portugal Carlos Mota esta feito. ainda um susto a terminar, mas chegeui ao final. boa sorte aos restantes elementos da equipa. zimboraaaa
8 Spain CIN Ramon I didnt have to reverse in every stage as I feared, so not bad. Thx cat, good luck all. Long live Classic Cup.
8 Germany DECKER Max thanks for the event. it was quite ok despite being the first time i ever drove this car on snow
8 Germany DEMUTH Mathias When the tires are bad, the car feels better with NGP 6?! We are at finish. Thanks for the CC. Nice rally. But I am not happy with NGP :-(
8 Ukraine DRIVE Alexander Danke!
8 Germany DUENKER Colin ok, i can be happy with this result, on stage 5 i went wide and stuck a little bit in a field, but i came slowly on the track, so, grats Rene, nice fight!
8 Portugal ESTEVEZ Oscar OK, Objetive is finish rally. Good job Ondra. Gooo RB Racing! Thanks for championship.
8 Czech Republic hebbi ok , hard fight , good start to season
8 Japan Hirozuka tyres was down...no grip...thanks for the first CC Rallye...i enjoy it...
8 Germany HUMMEL Stefan Im Schnee stecken geblieben ewig gebraucht um auf die Strecke zu kommen!!??
8 Russian Federation IVANOV Sergey Joonas, good battle) Frank, thx for rally! All with start new season)
8 Spain Jacobo Ulibarrena Amazing shit. Thanks for the rally
8 Germany Jiron Fabian My teammate and me survived the rally. I can\'t complain. Car was a lot fun with 900 degree. Few offs . Thanks for the Rally. See ya next rally with something faster.
8 Ireland JONAITIS Jonis oooo, Rene look at result :),Thx Cat,good start of 2020 !!!
8 Germany KAZMIERZAK Alex it was ok for the first time in the car. nice rallye and i hope for a nice championship
8 Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Anton it was a difficult race for me. The car didn`t do as i needed.Thanks to everyone for the race and the fight, it was interesting. Thank you Frank for the traditional cup. Good Luck everyone.
8 Lithuania KULIKAUSKAS Robertas very bad rally for me
8 Finland LAAHANEN Janne Again quite okay. No mistakes just driving through
8 Finland LONN Joonas No notes, too late braking and got stuck for a very very long time.
8 Finland LOTJONEN Roni Car felt pretty bad overall for the whole rally but atleast managed to finish. Thanks!
8 Portugal Luis Carreiro good fun, great rally guys
8 Czech Republic LUNDAK Jakub Diky za zavod
8 Macedonia MAMUTOV David Thanks for the Rally.
8 Argentina MANDZIJ Juan Esteban nice to see the end of a rally :) hope to keep third
8 Poland MARCIN Zmyslowski thx
8 Czech Republic MATEJKA Mira Nice rally o.k.
8 Slovakia MYDLIAR Jozef Thank you for nice snow rally.
8 Finland Onni Keronen yea spun on the first loop, nothing else to say. thx for the rally.
8 Austria PAMMER Harald Some mistakes in this rallye but ok, have to learn a lot about NGP6 like everybody else i gues. Really happy to have this car back on RBR, lots of good memorys from the past. :) Good start to the season, thx Frank!
8 Portugal Paulo Teixeira nice rally, super fun! thanks
8 Germany PMS Rally Team Big thanks to orga, all they will help & spectators, first event and we loose, because no training at all & snow ... but we are in finish and not the last one ;-) Good luck to the rest of starting teams!
8 Poland PRZYSZLAKOWSKI Mateusz A lot of fun in this car! Thanks Cat for start new season, it will be great season for sure :)
8 Finland Rampanen Henri Default setup... wasnt the best but made it trough
8 Germany REITER MAX Thanks for the nice Rally.
8 Germany RITTER Rene Thanks for the rally but car does not work if i want. :-/ Nice rally thanks Frank! All drivers good luck for the rally.
8 Russian Federation ROMANENKO Aleksandr Ok! Tnx for rally! See you:)
8 Germany SALOMO Marco okay. Not the last at all, this is great. Thank you Cat!
8 Lithuania SALTENIS Vilius Thank You
8 Czech Republic SCHAMBERGER Karel st dik vsem za skvelou zabavu ahoj
8 Japan Shenshee Happy new year! I am glad I can drive the Classic Cup with NGP6. This is so much fun! Thank you.
8 Russian Federation SIDOROV Pavel Thanks for the rally! Stucked in snowbank on this stage, first time with this car, just enjoyed
8 Germany skoda130rsdollack ...da waren sicher ein paar Eisplatten mehr als vorher, deswegen noch zum schluss mit dem Heck eingeschlagen und die Radnarbe hinten nachhaltig zerstoert ,,,Danke Frank ,hat wiedermal Spass gemacht
8 United Kingdom Smith Tony Not a great result but team boss said to just finish, which I\'ve done. Thanks for a good rally
8 Germany STEIN Torsten ersten 4 WPs sehr schoen,dann die ganzen sch...WPs,kann man nicht die sehr schoenen org. Winter WPs nehmen?,und dann noch NGP6-dazu sage ich nichts
8 Austria STELLNBERGER Philipp Bad tyres on last stage, one times off. Happy to see the finish with a good result. Just minor mistakes, no big mistakes. I love snow. Good luck all.
8 Czech Republic STOLFA Ondra Nice rally!Thanks! Good start season... Oscar come ON! :-)RB Racing gooo :-)
8 Finland Teemu Myllykangas ty for rally!
8 Czech Republic TOMECEK Josef opet chciplo ,dik
8 Czech Republic TOMECEK Libor thank! Old Tom Team !!! bracha dobra prace !!!
8 Germany Woifeh two spins, tires were down. Not really my car, I liked the RS200 from last year better. Thank you to Frank for the season opener!
8 Poland WORONECKI Mirek Not best preformance. Finish first rally with some small mistakes and some reserve with speed. Thanks :)
8 Japan YANAGIBASHI Thanks!
8 Japan YUKI Mikan Thanks ALL,Thanks RALLY!!

THX for enjoying the Cup and see you next Rallye , keep racing m8s