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Rules 2021 / List of cars
Final Resuts / Points
Mods / Stages

NGP physic 6.4.
+ all cars and tracks from CZ Plugin

following Stages are previously announced:
see timetable

RESET Request for tournament reset :

one at each Rallye , but there will be a penalty for this !
+ 60 sec time penalty for the reset

No matter which case occurs, whether accident,
or PC problems, or something else.
At "Did not start to SS ..." no time penalty !

Requests should be sent via RBR CZ plugin.
Processing takes place daily at the latest 20.00 h CET,
last reset on last day of the tournament at 20.00 h CET.

Damian Skupien – DNS SS3
BUJOK Marcin – DNS SS3

Larionova Elionora – DNS SS3
DG301 – DNS SS3

RITTER Rene – crash SS2 +60 sec

GMEINHART Sascha – crash SS7 +60 sec
YANOLIDIS Jannis – crash SS2 +60 sec

tsuyo-555 – crash SS1 +60 sec
LOEPP Sebastian – DNS SS3
WORONECKI Mirek – crash SS1 +60 sec

SALOMO Marco – crash SS8 +60 sec
Woifeh – DNS SS3
PAMMER Harald – crash SS7 +60 sec
DARNEDDE Viktor – crash SS9 +60 sec
LOEPP Sebastian – DNS SS3
BORTZ Stefan – 23.10 p.m – last resets on last day oft the tournament 20.00 p.m. CET

Info from the

Drivers who want to get deleted a time penalty,
has the replays unsolicited upload on http://rbr.onlineracing.cz
The replay must be uploaded no later than 3 days after each rally.

following replays checked :
no need

time stamps checked:
all drivers

disqualified drivers:
no need

of the Rallye
The 1st Rallye of the GVRC Classic Cup is finished.
The “Artic Lapland Rally” -
Snow , snow and snow – that’s was the Challenge.

What a great start of this unique Cup.

Great performance from Riku ,
the finnish rallye star, with his Focus WRC 06.
He can win with 30,36 sec in front
of the polish rallye talent Jakub with his Citroen C4 WRC.
Only 0,56 sec behind another finish rallye crack,
Ville also on Focus WRC 06.

The Finnish Rallye Stars determined the rallye !

195 Driver started – 117 driver see the finish ,
only the best have carry through the end !

SS wins
SS1 MARTIKAINEN Riku - Ford Focus Mk II RS WRC 2006
SS2 MASIAREK Jakub - Citroen C4 WRC 2008
SS3 LONN Joonas - Ford Focus Mk II RS WRC 2006
SS4 MARTIKAINEN Riku - Ford Focus Mk II RS WRC 2006
SS5 MASIAREK Jakub - Citroen C4 WRC 2008
SS6 MARTIKAINEN Riku - Ford Focus Mk II RS WRC 2006
SS7 LONN Joonas - Ford Focus Mk II RS WRC 2006
SS8 – SS12 MARTIKAINEN Riku - Ford Focus Mk II RS WRC 2006
of the Rallye

who has drawn attention to themselves :
MARTIKAINEN Riku, very great performance on snow

remarkable work of some Driver’s at the Rallye:
LOTJONEN Roni, very strong on Ford Escort Mk II
ERIKSSON Kim, fastest RWD on Porsche 911 SC 3.0
NIEMELA Jyrki, Clio 16S Williams – fastest FWD

Best Team:
FiSU Rally Team – Roni + Joonas

EXTRA Points
1. MARTIKAINEN Riku + 89
2. MASIAREK Jakub + 69
3. PYNNONEN Ville + 49
4. LONN Joonas + 28
5. KLIMAS Adrian +18
Driver / Team

Driver / Team Championship after Rallye :
(Two worst results don't count towards the final standing)

Results / Points

Drivers Comments
after last stage

We are a great international group of drivers ,
please write your comments in tournament in english , so everyone can understand it

12 Lithuania AUGUSTONIS Ignas Damn, really bad driving. Let\'s look forward and keep improving! Thank you for the event!
12 Poland BANASZEK Piotrek Fantastic. Great job Frank. Thanks
12 United States Barabbas84 DISASTER
12 Spain BARBADOS Antonio snowwll problems...thanks nice rallye
12 Argentina BERNARDINI Roberto Better last leg. Thanks!!
12 Hungary BIRO Zoltan no great at all. Hopefully one day I will be able to find a good setup and driving style for snow. Until then, goodbye everybody and take care! :)
12 Boost Merci !
12 Germany BRUHY Frank ok , i am happy to be here. --- thx all drivers who enjoy the Cup
12 Poland Damian Skupien Danke fur die Rallye. Es was das erste Mal, aber nicht das letzte Mal! Powodzenia
12 Spain Daniel Areosa Buen rallye bonito y bien organizado una pena no encontrarme comodo con el coche tocara cambiar montura de cara a montecarlo.
12 Germany DARNEDDE Viktor Frank, thank you for a very nice tournament and a nice stage setup. Now I have to brush off a lot of snow and dust, lol. That was still fun though my car\'s piloting seemed to be more about snow than the layed out tracks. ;-) See you on the next event!
12 Germany DECKER Max miraculously gut sucked into a snowbank and lost a lot of time ... thanks for the event!
12 Belgium DELFOSSE Maxime ok
12 Germany DEMUTH Mathias Bad result for us. We were to slow here!! Sorry to the team, this a not a good result for us. Thanks for the rallye.
12 Germany DUENKER Colin in stage 9 big moment and stage 10 with codriver, but ok. Thanks!
12 Finland ERIKSSON Kim Ok stage. Rally was good, i had few moments and spins but avoided major damage and got through relatively cleanly so i am happy. it was a difficult rally for the Porsche. Thank you and cya next rally
12 Portugal ESTEVEZ Oscar OK,finish rally,slow but safe run,not mistakes, see you next time. Thanks for championship.
12 Germany FlintEastwood Ich hab auf Schnee kaum Erfahrung. Zeiten sind unterirdisch aber wenigstens sind wir ohne groessere Schaeden durch. Danke an die ML fuer die tolle Rallye. :D
12 Poland FOLTA Maciej OK, THX
12 Austria GRUENDAUER Andreas Danke fuer die Rallye. Ewig her, dass ich das letzte Mal im Auto gesessen bin. Mehrere Dreher und einmal CFH, aber zumindest sind wir in das Ziel gekommen.
12 Czech Republic hebbi wonderful rally - thx for another year with CC
12 Japan Hirozuka bad last stage..crash...thanks for the good rallye to beginn the season
12 Germany HOHMANN Dieter thanks for the first event in 2021 and it was amazing - hope i find time to continue this championship - good luck to all other teams!
12 Germany HUMMEL Stefan Danke Frank!! Tolle Rallye!! Hab nicht so viele Fehler gemacht, aber wenn dann richtig!!
12 Russian Federation IVANOV Sergey finish! Mateusz, Jan, good battle! Frank thx for rally! Happy New Classic Cup)
12 Finland KARIMAA Joona Lot\'s of mistakes in these last stages. Thanks for the rally!
12 Germany KATHOL Lukas rolled again. Absolutely pissed with my performance. Thanks for organiting!
12 Germany Katja Lara Last Leg was bad for me. too many mistakes. Thanks to organizer for the Rally and the Cup.
12 Finland KERONEN Onni Thank you for the rally!
12 Canada King Joe Lots of mistakes, but still a fun time. Thanks!
12 Germany KLEIN Tobias Viel spass gehabt, viel Erfahrung gesammelt, ein paar Fehler gemacht, war okay :) Vielen Dank fuer die Rallye!
12 Poland KOWAL Miroslaw Bit slow but safe :) Thanks!
12 Czech Republic KUBINI Vladimir skoda ztraty 1,5 minuty na mistech ktere neznam. Ale aspon jsem dojel ... Thanks for the rally!!!
12 Finland LAAHANEN Janne Yea
12 Finland LIIMATAINEN Juho maybe in the next rally I make my own pacenotes.
12 Finland LONN Joonas Good feeling but few stupid mistakes with huge time loss. Sad as I couldnt do wr on SS3 as I got damage on previous one but anyway good to finish and ok start for the championship. Nice to see so many fast fins ;) And good luck to my team! THX
12 Spain LOPEZ Gartzen Quite happy with my performance, a serious mistake in stage 7 made me lossing several seconds. Good luck and thak you for this championship!! Great level
12 Finland LOTJONEN Roni 10min setup, couple shakedowns and no major mistakes, happy with my performance. Thanks caterham for organising yet another great CC season!
12 Germany Maier.Maximilian Thank to organizer for this event. It was a good challenge for me and the new car.
12 Finland MAKINEN Tommi Nice to be back in this legendary RBR champ, thanks for rally! \42classic cup rocks!\42 :)
12 Germany Marcel Zarda Okay finish..overall a difficult rally but my new codriver made an excellent job. THX Frankk!
12 Finland MARTIKAINEN Riku few small mistakes but overall good driving. thanks!
12 Spain MARZOA Juan Diffiicult rally for me, many problems with the CPU, happy to return to CC, thanks Frank!!
12 Poland MASIAREK Jakub unfortunatly +1 min because i had game crashed during ss3 loading, lot fo lot of problems, but nice feeling beeing in the mix with Fins, thanks cat, thanks guys, see you on the next one
12 Spain Miguel Lopez hit a spectator near the end... what a mess. I can not belive it ! thanks to the organizers, a very fun rally
12 United Kingdom MORGAN Owen stuck in a bank, lost about 10-12 seconds, fun rally, no practice just straight in for some sideways fun, thanks
12 United States MURPHY Jason Happy with my performance. No practice and the car and setup felt good. Had reasonable pace, but hit a marshall so got red screen and then rolled the car and probably lost 10-15 seconds. Overall a good rally!
12 Slovakia MYDLIAR Jozef Thank you for nice snowy rally. Many spins in Stratos.
12 Finland NIEMELA Jyrki thanks. it was good rally for me
12 Slovenia NOVAK Klemen Slow driving because I didn\'t want to lost important points. I didn\'t expected to finish this event because I didn\'t drive snow stages years. On finish:good driving with default setup, just shame for that disaster of stage included in this race.
12 Finland PAAKKINEN Aleksi really good result for my usual pace. Really happy with this. Thanks for an awesome rally!
12 Russian Federation PANYUSHKIN Evgenyi Thanks to all!
12 Finland PARUS Christer Wanted a better performance, but this was a new car for me. Did the first test earlier today. Fun rally and a fun car. Maybe before the season ends I\'m able to drive the Focus better. See you at the next rally. Thanks.
12 United Kingdom PETTET Jordan Thanks for the rally!
12 Germany PMS Rally Team Slow & safty - car damaged from previous stages, so take care a bit ... ;-)
12 Poland PRZYSZLAKOWSKI Mateusz Good rally for me :) Nice start in new season :) Good luck!
12 Finland PUHAKKA Ossian Something wrong with the setup, the car is just slow. Driving was ok but had to try too hard as a result and had absolutely no luck at all. Thanks for the rally.
12 Finland PUTKINEN Riku vittu mita paskaa
12 Finland PYNNONEN Ville Good rally, really surprised about my driving. Yeah, a lot of practise but these stages were new to me. Thanks for the rally!
12 Germany SALOMO Marco Nice Rallye! Thx Cat!!! Bad performance, every SS I rolled or spun or together. So bad. I want to cry, I am so angry about myself.
12 Lithuania SALTENIS Vilius Happy to be here in Classic Cup again. Hoped for a better finish, but it is how it is. Thank You!
12 Czech Republic SCHAMBERGER Karel st tak hotovo par chyb a jsem tam co jsem diky byla to parada ahoj
12 Estonia SIMSON Gabriel good fun
12 Germany skoda130rsdollack sagt doch der Co ,nach dem ersten Sprung schneiden ... aber da muss einer ein Betongklotz unterm schnee versteckt haben ,hat uns voll rumgedreht :-) Danke Frank ,hat wieder riesig spass gemacht ...toller Auftackt in die Saison
12 United Kingdom SMITH Tony Last 2 stages a real struggle after breaking something on bad landing but happy to be through. Thanks for another CC season
12 Spain SOBERON Alex Start a championship with a finished rallye is always a good notice. Thanks to organizers for this beautyfull rallye, see you next race.
12 Germany STEIN Torsten sehr gute 1.Rally mit dem neuen Auto,schoene WPs,Danke Frank
12 Germany Thunderace Puhh, Ziel gesehen. Eine Strecke unbekannt der Rest war ok nach so langer Zeit und ohne Test. Sorry Yano war mehr drin.
12 Czech Republic TOMECEK Josef dik
12 Spain TORRES Roger Campeonato durisimo, ganar cualquier posicion cuesta sudor, perfecto para ir mejorando. Gracias por el rally.
12 Poland USS Maciek Small mistake here, but very happy to finish. I will be great battle in this season i think. Thanks to organisators and all competitors. Regards!
12 Germany WAGNER Roland mit einem Reifenstapel angelegt und nicht so schnell herumgekommen. Trotzdem fuer mich ein Erfolg. Durchgekommen mit neuem Auto. Handling gar nicht so schlecht. Vielen Dank Frank, Super Rallye wieder!!
12 Germany Woifeh managed to hit a photographer on the front straight :D - thx for the nice event
12 Poland ZMYSLOWSKI Marcin THX

THX for enjoying the Cup and see you next Rallye , keep racing m8s