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June Results :


14.06. - 20.06.2021 6. Acropolis Rally Histo (GR)
FIA World Rally Championship 1996 100 % gravel Driver:   Estévez Oscar - Toyota Celica 2000GT-(ST185) GrpA  
11 Stages - 58,5 km
Team: DE-CAT RallyTeam Bayern - Woifeh + Marcel   RallyLink


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Rules 2021 / List of cars
Final Resuts / Points
Mods / Stages

NGP physic 6.4.
+ all cars and tracks from CZ Plugin

following Stages are previously announced:
see timetable

Request for tournament reset :

one at each Rallye , but there will be a penalty for this !
+ 60 sec time penalty for the reset

No matter which case occurs, whether accident,
or PC problems, or something else.
At "Did not start to SS ..." no time penalty !

Requests should be sent via RBR CZ plugin.
Processing takes place daily at the latest 20.00 h CET,
last reset on last day of the tournament at 20.00 h CET.

Info from the

Drivers who want to get deleted a time penalty,
has the replays unsolicited upload on http://rbr.onlineracing.cz
The replay must be uploaded no later than 3 days after each rally.

following replays checked :
gets a time credit on SS 1 of 13.00 min, the replay was controlled.

Hirozuka and Damian Skupien
gets a time credit on SS 3 of 0.15 min, the replay was controlled.

time stamps checked:
all drivers

disqualified drivers:
no need

of the Rallye

We see ESTEVEZ Oscar
on Celica 2000GT-FOUR RC (ST185) GrpA
second time this year on the 1st place.
– congratulation !

2. BORKUNOV Alexander - Focus Mk II RS WRC 2006 , only 6,39 sec behind
3. LONN Joonas - Focus Mk II RS WRC 2006 , only 9,38 sec behind

Great fight also the drivers behind,
it was a pleasure to watch also this drivers fight for seconds here,
only the best have carry through the end !

of the Rallye
who has drawn attention to themselves :
ESTEVEZ Oscar second time this year on the 1st place.

remarkable work of some Driver’s at the Rallye:
LOTJONEN Roni- fastest RWD on Lancia Stratos HF
hebbi – fastest FWD on Clio 16S Williams

Best Team:
EXTRA Points 1.Additional points for 1. place in class
based on the following calculation :
scored points - divided by number of starters in the class – divided by 2

CC00 – BRUHY Frank + 76
CC2 - no Starter
CC3 - BORKUNOV Alexander + 16
CC4I - ESTEVEZ Oscar + 14
CC4II - KARIMAA Joona + 109
CC5 - hebbi + 43
CC6 – LOTJONEN Roni + 76
CC7 – DUENKER Colin + 139
CC8 – Damian Skupien + 59

2.Additional points for the first 5 places

1. ESTEVEZ Oscar + 80
2.BORKUNOV Alexander + 60

4. IVANOV Sergey + 40
5. ARAUJO Isidro + 20

Driver / Team

Driver / Team Championship after Rallye :
(Two worst results don't count towards the final standing)

Results / Points

Drivers Comments
after last stage

We are a great international group of drivers ,
please write your comments in tournament in english , so everyone can understand it

11 Portugal ARAUJO Isidro good rally for me, two mistakes, new good car, thx
11 Poland BANASZEK Piotrek thx
11 Hungary BIRO Zoltan well, in the end managed to overtake Josef. The times were really bad though, the car was either too understeering or too oversteering, definitely have to work on that, as it is just terrible. Thx for the rally, good to drive on new stages (for me at least).
11 Russian Federation BORKUNOV Alexander Finish! Good battle! Thanks!
11 Germany BORTZ Stefan paar mal ueberschlagen und etliche Dreher. Dafuer das ich auf den harten Wps einfach nur ohne Attacke ins ziel kommen wollte waren das zu viele Fehler. Zum Glueck hat der Ingolstaedter das diesmal ausgehalten.
11 Germany BRUHY Frank i have fun ! thx for enjoing the Cup
11 Germany DG301 catastrophic driving from me the whole event
11 Switzerland Donze Markus Danke fuer die tolle Rallye
11 Germany DUENKER Colin on the last tarmac stage we had a big crash, so we drove to the finish with an complet destroid car. But till that it was fun!
11 Portugal ESTEVEZ Oscar Flat out here. Thanks and see you next time.
11 Germany FlintEastwood Sehr haarige WP. Aufschrieb auch hier schwierig. Danke Frank, auch wenn diesmal sehr heftige WP\'s dabei waren. :)
11 Czech Republic hebbi great stages , nice rally. thx and cu next time
11 Japan Hirozuka not my stage here....nice rallye with tricky stages..thanks
11 Germany HUMMEL Stefan Nur noch ankommem!! Hat funktioniert!! Danke Frank!! Wieder richtig Spass gehabt!! Das mit der falschen Ansage wird mit dem CO noch ausgewertet!!
11 Russian Federation IVANOV Sergey finish! Frank, thx for rally!
11 Finland KARIMAA Joona Nice to drive with the Lancia after some time. Thanks for the rally
11 Lithuania KULIKAUSKAS Robertas OK 1stage very bad. Thx.
11 Finland LOTJONEN Roni One spin, otherwise good rally. Thanks!
11 Germany Marcel Zarda shiit had a overshoot here..but damn what a fight for P3.. we could have made it much safer without our mistakes where we lost a lot of time.. THX!
11 Slovakia MYDLIAR Jozef Tarmac stagies were hard in Stratos. Than you for nice rally.
11 Germany SALOMO Marco Thx
11 Lithuania SALTENIS Vilius Thank You as always!
11 Germany skoda130rsdollack auf der Pruefung davor Kuehlung beschaedigt und dann nur im gruenen bereich gedreht ...Danke Frank tolle Veranstalltung nur haben wir hier voll gepatzt
11 Germany STEIN Torsten wieder eine Rally,die man sich sparen konnte,was mir aber richtig auf den Sack geht,ist,das man zu jeder Rally immer eine neue Track Setting braucht
11 Czech Republic TOMECEK Josef dik
11 Spain ULIBARRENA Jacobo no comment
11 Germany WAGNER Roland Danke Frank fuer harte Rallye. War heute jedoch nicht mein Tag. So viele Fehler kann man doch nicht machen!!.
11 Germany Woifeh thanks for a really nice rally Frank
11 Poland WORONECKI Mirek Two small mistake, and lost aprox 20 sec trough all rally. So I can be happy for rally, preformance, but not for time on the end ;), lost over 3 min to Oscar ;P . Thanks Frank for nice event :)
11 Greece YANOLIDIS Jannis ..nochmals glueck gehabt ...mit kochendem Motor ins Ziel :)) war eine schnoene rallye mit anspruchsvollen WP ,s ...Danke

THX for enjoying the Cup and see you next Rallye , keep racing m8s