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Rules 2017
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NGP physic 4.4
+ all cars and tracks from CZ Plugin

following Stages are previously announced:
Snow France

RESET Request for tournament reset :
one at each Rallye
No matter which case occurs, whether accident,
or PC problems, or "Did not start to SS ..."
last reset on last day of the tournament at 20.00 h CET.
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Drivers who want to get deleted a time penalty,
has the replays unsolicited upload on http://rbr.onlineracing.cz
The replay must be uploaded immediately after the rally !

following penaltys delete :
all in SS4 Bisanne Snow II

following replays checked :
no need

disqualified drivers:
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of the Rally

The 2nd Rallye of the GVRC Classic Cup 17 is finished.
The “Monte” was hard as ever in the CCup calendar.
Snow , ice and rain – that’s was the Challenge.

113 Driver started – 69 driver see the finish ,
only the best have carry through the end !

The individual highlights of the day you can always see on facebook during the rally

Start to Service to Finish

after SS2 – Servicepark Gap

first two stages in the dark , not easy to find the rythem
and the risk is high to make a mistake in the beginn

Kritian in Celica ST205 show all his talent on SS1(Mlynky II)
and set the bestmark here. But also on SS2(Peyregrosse) he
is only 4 sec behind Tomek W. with his Ford RS 200.
Michael L. , the Austria Rally Star , is not far away with his Impreza WRC03.
Kamil Z. is the fastest at the R5 cars , followed by Harald P. ,
Teampartner from Michael, also on Impreza – the 555 Grp. A.
Also very fast is Mathias D. with his Porsche 911 SC,
he is the fastest RWD car in the mountains of the french alps.

after SS 5 – Servicepark Gap

the snow begins , in the higher montains the streets are white
and it is again not easy to find the right rhythm after the dry first stages.

Tomek , the polish Rally Star, with his GrB RS200 set the Benchmark
on SS3(Mlynky snow) follwed by Michael and Martin both on Imperza.
SS4(Snow BisaneII) , the stage of Harald – 2nd time in overall on his
old 555 , the spectators are thrilled about his drifts.
The mistakes in the time-computer will corrected after the rallye.
On SS5(Snow Joux Verte II) Tomek and Michael only 0,02 sec apart,
followed by Martin , Harald, Mateusz and Kristian within seconds.
After the stage Michael is 5sec in front , follwed by Tomek.
Kristian lost 25 sec to the front , but directly 0,4 sec behind is Harald.
On 5th place followed Kamil , the fastest R5 driver.

after SS 7 – Servicepark Monaco Ville

the next two stages are at the regions of the Alps.
Some ice plates and damp streets are the challenge.

Kristian again in bestform and win SS6(Passo Valle rev)
9 sec !!! in front of Tomek and Kamil.
To the surprise of all the german Andre can go on 4th .
Austria Speedgang in bad luck , Michael spin and
lost a lot of time, Harald even rolled and lost the contact to the Top.
Mathias in Porsche are back on 11.place in overall here.
On SS7(Torre Vecchia) Kristian lost he leadership in CC4.
At the end of stage 7 , Tomek leads , followed by Michael and Kamil.

after SS 9 – Servicepark Monaco Ville

it begins to rain and the stages are very slippery.
You need a good feeling to go through without mistakes.

Stefan S. returns , after some problems with the setup,
He can go bestime on SS8(Cote Ambroz II) , but only 0,32 sec
in front of Michael , both on Impreza WRC03.
Big job from Harald , here on 3rd with the GpA 555 !
The Top 10 here between 4 sec , great performance.
On SS8(Joux plane II) it rains very strong and
all the drivers have problems to hold their cars on the street.
At the end Michael in front , but only 2 sec of Tomek.
Kamil , Harald and Marcin followed.

Finish – Monaco Ville

the day go to the end and it will colder –
the result is frozen and snowy last stages,
in addition it begins to snow again.

The Speedgang is not to beat this time ,
Michael and Harald in front of SS10(Snow Cote Amroz II),
Tomek in problems with his RS200 , he must Michial let go.
Showdown on SS11(Snow Joux Plane II) , but Michael drive
without mistake to the best-time here.
Also Harald shows his performance here again and set the
Impreza 555 Grp A here on second , followed by Stefan S.
who has a bad day.

The “Best” in finish and on podium -
Michael with his Impreza WRC03 on 1st ,
behind him Tomek (RS 200) can save his 2nd place.
Harald on 3rd with his strong 555 GrpA.
Alex K. , the winner of the 1.CCup 17 ,
this time started in CC4 with a Celica ST205
and go to the 11.place in overall and 3rd in CC4.

Class results

CC00 – 38 driver – 19 in finish
The polish drivers dominated the R5 class –
Kamil wins with over 21 sec on Fabia R5
followed by Piotr and Marcin, both on Fiesta.
Anton , only 0,92 sec behind on 4th place and
Andre can bring his good performance on 5th in finish.

CC1 – 3 driver – 3 in finish
Aleksandr on Quattro S1 win the class
with 1.15 min in front of Karel and Remus.

CC2 – 4 driver – 3 in finish
Michael is over 1.27 min3 in front of Stefan , both on Imprezza 03
and can win the 2.GVRC Classic Cup 17.
On 3rd place Torsten with Peugeot 206 , over 5 min behind.

CC3 – 5 driver – 4 in finish
Tomek with his RS 200 is today the benchmark,
Tanaka from Japan on Quattro GpB over 3.43 min behind
and Shenshee , also from Japan, on RS200 on 3rd .

CC4 – 31 driver – 19 in finish
Harald on Impreza 555 in front,
32 sec behind Mateusz on Escort Coswoth
and 11 sec behind Alex on Celica ST205.

CC5 – 2 driver - 2 in finish
Alexander on Porsche 911 SC wins 7.13 sec
in front of Mathias, also on 911 SC Grp4

CC6 – 13 driver - 10 in finish
Nils can win on Kadett GSi 5 sec in front of
Sergey and Carlos both on Golf GTI

CC7 – 9 driver – 8 in finish
Kazuma wins again with 32 sec on Renault R Turbo,
followed by Frank with Kadett C GTE and
hebbi also on Renault R 5 Turbo.
Bad luck for Matthias in last stage, he must CFH.

CC8 – 4 driver – 1 in finish
Marco can bring his Skoda 130 RS as the only one
in this class in finish.

Team results 23 Teams – 19 in finish

1. Rookie Rally Team – Mateusz + Kamil
2. Speedgang Austria – Harald + Michael
3. Yalta Crimea Rally Team – Alex + Anton
4. Endless Eight Rally Racing – Tanaka + Kazuma
5. RRT Flatmates – Daniel + Mateusz

SS wins

SS wins:

SS1 - Mlynky II - dry
Kristian – Celica ST 205 GrpA

SS2 – Peyegrosse Night - dry
SS3 – Mlynky Snow
Tomek – Ford RS 200 GrpB

SS4 – Snow Bisanne II
Michael – Impreza WRC 03

SS5 – Snow Joux Verte II
Tomek – Ford RS 200 GrpB

SS6 – Passo Valle rev - dry
Kristian – Celica ST 205 GrpA

SS7 – Torre Vecchia - damp
Tomek – Ford RS 200 GrpB

SS8 – Cote Ambroz II – wet
Stefan – Impreza WRC 03

SS9 – Joux Plane II – wet
Michael – Impreza WRC 03

SS10 – Snow Cote Ambroz II
Michael – Impreza WRC 03

SS11 – Snow Joux Plane II
Michael – Impreza WRC 03


SS1 – SS2
Kristian – Celica ST 205 GrpA
Tomek - Ford RS 200 GrpB
SS4 – SS6
Michael- Impreza WRC 03
Tomek - Ford RS 200 GrpB
SS8 – SS10
Michael- Impreza WRC 03


Driver of the Rallye

who has drawn attention to themselves :

Michael –
very great performance on his Impreza WRC 03
high concentration and 52 sec in front

Team of
the Rallye

Poland - Rookie Rally Team
Kamil at 1st in the CC0 and Mateusz takes the 2nd place in CC4

remarkable work
of some Driver’s at the Rallye
Alexander D. – very strong on Porsche 911 and fastest RWD again
Kritian – 2 x Besttime in overall
Tomek – great performance on RS 200 GrpB
Andre – best german driver on 14. place in overall result

unlucky Driver
of the Rallye

who has really bad luck :

who has really bad luck :
Kristian – very fast on his Celica, but must stop after SS 9

Driver Championship after 2nd Rallye :
(Two worst results don't count towards the final standing)

1. Harald – 1971 points
2. Kamil – 1954
3. Kazuma - 1902
4. Mateusz – 1887
5. Sergey - 1835
Team Championship after 2nd Rallye :
(Two worst results don't count towards the final standing)

1. Rookie Rally Team – 3841 points
2. Speedgang Austria – 3790
3. Yalta Crimea Rally Team – 3502
4. Endless Eight Rally Racing – 3477
Drivers Comments
after last stage

We are a great international group of drivers ,
please write your comments in tournament in english , so everyone can understand it.

11 Spain BENITEZ echedei good rally happy with this car :)
11 Germany BRUHY Frank have fun , give all , but cant catch Kazuma - nice fight
11 Poland BUCZEK Lukas Fiish...thanks FRANK!
11 Germany DEMUTH Mathias Save. We are at finish. We drove realy bad. Bur we have arrived. Thx for the rally!
11 Ukraine DRIVE Alexander very very save
11 Poland HAUPT Adam We are on finish without SR : ) That was our goal. The results does not matter. Greetings all : )
11 Czech Republic hebbi cfh in last stage ... great monte , nice competition , cu next CCup - gla
11 Germany HOHMANN Dieter Thanks a lot to organisation - such is Monte we think. We are get our target, we are in finish, happy and with fun in car. For a roocky driver just for fun, the result is great.
11 Germany HUMMEL Stefan Kein Risiko!!! danke Frank!!!!!
11 Russian Federation IVANOV Sergey thx!
11 Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Anton Ok, Finish. Thx Cat for very Hard MONTE )) Realy cool Weather realistic for SS. Good Luck ALL and ...... YALTA - Gooooo !!!
11 Poland KRUSZ Piotr Ok. Thanks
11 Lithuania KULIKAUSKAS Robertas ok
11 Austria LENGAUER Michael Very hard rallye, enjoyed driving on the snow very much. Danke Frank!
11 Russian Federation MALYSHEV Denis (((((
11 Poland MARCIN Zmyslowski Ok, clean run on this one, thx
11 Slovakia MYDLIAR Jozef Nice rally. Carefully. Thank you.
11 Japan NARU Kazuma Thx Cat for true snow monte carlo. Im so enjoyed.
11 Austria PAMMER Harald Good last stage but to many mistakes in this rallye and not happy with my driveing on some stages. Wrong penalty detection 45sec will send replay. Danke Frank
11 Russian Federation PANYUSHKIN Evgenyi Ok, thanks to all!
11 Austria PARTH Thomas thanks
11 Poland Piotr Banaszek thx
11 Germany PMS Rally Team Big thanks to orga, great event with a lot of all ... Last stage one more little crash at a barriere. But we reached our target - we are in finish, that counts only! Fun in car, car not destroyed, \42only\42 a lot of small & medium mistakes - but ok, we are no profis! Good luck all! bye
11 Poland PRZYSZLAKOWSKI Mateusz What a fight! It was max attack on the last stage! good rally for me, I hope that Kamil will be drive fast :) Thanks!
11 Portugal RODRIGUES Tiago Lucky on this stage. My computer had a big freeze and I went off road. Great rally, with stages that I did for the first time. The result wont be good but I had some fun. Thank you and see you next time
11 Russian Federation ROMANENKO Aleksandr Ok! Tnx for interesting rally!
11 Germany SALOMO Marco Finish! Thx Cat for a superp Histo Monte
11 Czech Republic SCHAMBERGER Karel :-)!!!
11 Czech Republic SCHAMBERGER Karel st dik vsem a ahoj
11 Japan Shenshee It was the first time to drive the 4WD car. I was very excited,but I got tired. I am happy to see the finish. Thank you for organizing wonderful rally!
11 Germany skoda130rsdollack Na wenigstens angekommen , die letzte WP hatt noch mal richtig spass gemacht , bloss der andere Co war wieder etwas irritierend ,,,Danke Frank,,,
11 Serbia SMILJKOVIC Stefan Dam i risk so much here. Amazing rally, love the stages, well dome organizer. Thanks.
11 Germany STEIN Torsten keine Ahnung wie das geht,das ein Golf 2 schneller ist als ein WRC,daran kann man erkennen das irgendwas nicht stimmt,dadurch denke ich war es nur ein Gaststart hier im CC 2017,schade,aber der CC hat fuer mich nicht mehr den Flair wie frueher
11 Germany STEINBACH Lutz tja 2x ZH ist doch zuviel. Sorry Jano.
11 Japan TETSUYA Tanaka thx Cat for organizing this exciting rally.it was really tricky and challenging rally! A lot of things have happened but I\'m so happy to finish the rally.
11 Czech Republic TOMECEK Libor thank
11 Ukraine VIIAND Ander ok thanx
11 Poland Voron Thx Frank. Poor preformance in very good rally. Nice configuration :)
11 Germany Woifeh neat stage, great fun. Perfect ending for a very bad rally. Thanks Frank :)
11 Germany YANOLIDIS Jannis bad..roll and need help...but ok...finished this rallye...to stupid mistakes in the first stages...thx to the orga ! :)
11 Poland ZARYCHTA Daniel Thanks Frank! My driving was a nightmare. Mateusz sory za ten szajs ktory sprezentowalem. Powodzenia!

THX for enjoying the Cup and see you next Rallye , keep racing m8s