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August results :


16.08. - 22.08.2021 8. Rally Argentina 1994 (ARG)
FIA World Rally Championship 94 83% gravel Driver: IVANOV Sergey 83
9 Stages - 60,7 km 17 % tarm
Team: FiSU Rally Team – Roni + Joonas 14 RallyLink


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Rules 2021 / List of cars
Final Resuts / Points
Mods / Stages

NGP physic 6.4.
+ all cars and tracks from CZ Plugin

following Stages are previously announced:
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Request for tournament reset :

one at each Rallye , but there will be a penalty for this !
+ 60 sec time penalty for the reset

No matter which case occurs, whether accident,
or PC problems, or something else.
At "Did not start to SS ..." no time penalty !

Requests should be sent via RBR CZ plugin.
Processing takes place daily at the latest 20.00 h CET,
last reset on last day of the tournament at 20.00 h CET.

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Drivers who want to get deleted a time penalty,
has the replays unsolicited upload on http://rbr.onlineracing.cz
The replay must be uploaded no later than 3 days after each rally.

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Best Team:

EXTRA Points 1.Additional points for 1. place in class
based on the following calculation :
scored points - divided by number of starters in the class – divided by 2

CC00 – no driver in finish
CC1 - PRZYSZLAKOWSKI Mateusz + 109
CC2 - SCHAMBERGER Karel st +139
CC3 - IVANOV Sergey +18
CC4I - LOTJONEN Roni + 22
CC4II - Hirozuka + 90
CC5 - Miguel Lopez + 90
CC6 – BRUHY Frank + 139
CC7 – hebbi + 90
CC8 – Damian Skupien + 76

2.Additional points for the first 5 places

1.IVANOV Sergey +80
2.BORKUNOV Alexander +60
3.LONN Joonas +40
4.KARIMAA Joona +20
5.TOMECEK Libor +10

Driver / Team

Driver / Team Championship after Rallye :
(Two worst results don't count towards the final standing)

Results / Points

Drivers Comments
after last stage

We are a great international group of drivers ,
please write your comments in tournament in english , so everyone can understand it

9 Portugal ARAUJO Isidro the mistake make me lost 40s, and los 3 positions, see in the next
9 Russian Federation BORKUNOV Alexander Thanks!
9 Germany BRUHY Frank very difficult , but great fun . THX all drivers who enjoy the Cup
9 Poland Damian Skupien 1 cfh, 2 times rolled, spins. Too much for me. Thanks :)
9 Germany DUENKER Colin very bad Rallye for us. not the kind of stages i like. Thanks!
9 Portugal ESTEVEZ Oscar Not good rally for me,see you next time. Thanks for event
9 Germany FlintEastwood Gerutscht hier auf der kletzten WP wie Schmierseife. Danke an die ML fuer die tolle Rallye. :)
9 Poland FOLTA Maciej OK, Thx Cat :D
9 Poland GORCZYCA Jan No mistakes, thanks for the rally :) Good luck all!
9 Czech Republic hebbi ok , thx for the nice event - great fun
9 Japan Hirozuka good rallye..thx
9 Germany HUMMEL Stefan Schlechte Vorbereitung, falsche Setups, an einigen Stellen nicht aufgepasst und abgeflogen!!?? Schade, hat eigentlich Spass gemacht, sollte aber nicht sein!! Trotzdem vielen Dank Frank!!
9 Russian Federation IVANOV Sergey finish! Sanja, good battle! Frank, thx for rally!
9 Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Anton Nice, finish this time! Thanks all! Frank - great event - thanks! See you next
9 Finland LONN Joonas So annoyed about that Prospect Ridge but what can I do? I have tried it like 50 times but still sometimes it just catch you out. Luckily there is Roni in my team who is able to deliver when I\'m not.
9 Finland LOTJONEN Roni Very close fight with Libor and Mateusz. Thanks for the rally
9 Spain Miguel Lopez ok, fun thx
9 Slovakia MYDLIAR Jozef Hi. Hard rally for Stratos and me. Some spins. Thank organizers!
9 Russian Federation PANYUSHKIN Evgenyi I think thach middle gears on last section it was my mistake... But I glad to see the finish agane, Thanks!
9 Poland PRZYSZLAKOWSKI Mateusz Thanks ;)
9 Germany RITTER Rene Thank for the rally. Overall 10th its ok. ;-)
9 Russian Federation ROMANENKO Aleksandr Ok. Thanks for rally!
9 Germany skoda130rsdollack Danke Frank ,wieder mal ein herrliches Ivent , hatt spass gemacht ... allen anderen Fahrern ebenfalls viel Spass
9 Czech Republic TOMECEK Josef dik
9 Czech Republic TOMECEK Libor thank ! Old Tom Team !!!
9 Germany WAGNER Roland Danke CAT, wie immer geile Veranstaltung.
9 Poland WORONECKI Mirek Some mistakes, some time lost, but ok. I had mutch worst rallyes in past ;). Thanks Frank for another great round :)
9 Greece YANOLIDIS Jannis clean drive dont push here...nice fight with Mirek...close Times ;) very Nice Rallye i enjoy it...exciting with this Settings ..thx CC Team :)

THX for enjoying the Cup and see you next Rallye , keep racing m8s